“Love Is All Around” Review | The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Original air date: 09.19.1970
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In 1970, many of television’s biggest comedic hits were loud, broad affairs (Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, Here’s Lucy, The Carol Burnett Show). “Love Is All Around,” the premiere episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was a very different kind of show, deliberately paced and with a script that offered a softer style of storytelling, favoring implication and reaction to shtick and catchphrases. It’s an episode that rewards viewers with a keen eye for detail and is perfectly built for rewatching. Today, it remains a classic of the form.

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“Noel” Review | The West Wing

Original air date: 12.20.2000
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Because The West Wing was a remarkably good show from the very beginning, it can be hard to find a particular episode where it really set itself apart as a television legend. “Noël,” however, makes one of the best candidates. Serving as a coda for some of the show’s most intense storytelling so far, the episode is remarkable for both its dramatic depth and how expertly its storytelling ties together.

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“‘I’ On Sports” Review | Cheers

Original air date: 10.01.1987
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In “‘I’ on Sports,” Sam (Ted Danson), who radiates the aura of a celebrity while holding court behind the bar at Cheers, finds himself painfully unable to translate that charisma to a spot on local tv. The episode pokes gentle fun at Sam’s limitations and the hokey conventions of local television sportscasters.

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Top 10 Classic TV Tough Guys (1975-2000)

For most of television’s early history, the biggest tough guys were drawn to the movies. Limited budgets and network censors made it hard for actors to really show their stuff on the small screen.

Which is far from saying that nobody pulled it off. Let’s take a look at some of the best tough guys on classic TV, and how they paved the way for the stars we know today.

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“Galileo” Review | The West Wing

Original air date: 11.29.2000
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Some of The West Wing’s biggest recurring themes dealt with the idea of failure. The show often goes out of its way to show that the staff don’t always get what they want, and even winning can lead to a letdown full of unintended consequences. In “Galileo,” that idea takes central stage, as the show takes a direct look at how the characters handle the tribulations of their jobs.

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